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Live percussie en DJ

Why you should book a DJ act with live instruments.

It’s the best of both worlds; combining a DJ act with live instruments and live performers. It caters to the visual desires of your audience, adds energy and spectacle and contributes a uniqueness to every performance. But there is far more to it. Here are ten reasons why booking a DJ live act with live musicians is the best choice for your party, festival, club or event.

1. Amazing live experience

Live instruments give a sense of craftsmanship and an organic feel to the DJ set. This creates a more dynamic experience for the audience. The combinations of the more electronic approach combined with the rawness of real-life instruments elevates the entire energy of the performance. Besides that, live musicians easily move around on stage which creates an even more dynamic and spectacular performance. Female DJ act Loizy is mastering this, with their percussionist roaming the stage and even the audience.

2. Musical diversity within the DJ set

Combining beats, DJ skills and live instruments means there are hardly any boundaries to what musical genres can be performed. Therefor, the dynamics and contrast in the set are widened.

3. Creativity and improvisation possibilities

Live instruments open doors to improvisation, diversity and endless musical possibilities. (Pop)musicians usually have a lot of musical knowledge and baggage and find ways to creatively merge very distinct genres, sounds and songs. Therefor a show will never be the same.

4. Chemistry between the DJ and musicians on stage

Part of a great live performance is the chemistry between the individual players. There’s something magical about people making music together. It’s mesmerizing to look at, and the chemistry between the players will increase their individual creativity and capabilities. DJ live act Sophisticated Live combines a DJ with live instruments and showcases that sense of chemistry and camaraderie that’s incredibly infectious to watch.


5. Spectacle and visual attractiveness

There’s nothing like watching someone excel at something. These musicians excelling on their instruments will never get boring. DJ music possesses the ability to profoundly engage and awaken all the senses and to get people to move en masse, combine that with the enchanting character of live performed music instruments and you have magic!


6. Surprising sound

This fusion of electronic and acoustic elements can result in innovative and memorable musical arrangements, the kind that will make the performance unique and will have the audience in awe. Therefor a DJ with live instruments will be able to surprise the audience and will draw their attention to what’s happening on stage.

Bookings Sophisticated Live

7. Energetic transition

Live instruments are able to create dynamic shifts in energy throughout the performance. Whether it’s a more quiet moment with a solo instrument or a high-energy transition or climax. This will contribute to dynamic variation throughout the set. 


8. Flexibility in DJ set

Life musicians are flexible and can easily adapt to changes in set structure. Because of that they will even be able to create smoothness and a sense of uniformity. 


9. Uniqueness and memorability of the DJ live performance

Introducing live instruments and live solo’s in the DJ set will create memorable moments with high impact. It will draw the attention of the audience and will elevate their engagement in the moment.Therefor the allover succes of the booking, performance or event will be enlarged. FloorJaxx Exclusive tops it all with their spectacular performances with many live musicians on stage.


10. Musical innovation

The collaboration between electronic beats and traditional instruments creates a new perspective on live performances and generates possibilities for new and innovative approaches on music, musical genres and live performing. 

Want to book a DJ live act?

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