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Interview with Floor Hansen, co-owner of booking agency Fyve Agency, Pt 1.

About motivations, innovation and full service…

Can you tell us something about yourself and how you got into the world of booking?

I found myself in the world of bookings quite unexpectedly. During the time I was studying, I sang a lot at weddings and corporate events. Although I didn’t initially aspire to a career as a singer, the number of requests quickly increased, partly because of my interest in and commitment to the business and marketing aspects of the job.

I put myself in the perspective of the target audience and the clients; what are they looking for in their position? What resonates with them? Based on that perspective, I positioned myself in the market. Therefore, from a business standpoint, it was deemed unfavorable to miss out clients, assignments, and potential income due to my unavailability on specific dates. That’s how I organically started booking friends who were singers and musicians. Shortly after, I jumped into creating a website and designing logos, which led to the birth of my first booking agency, LoveSound.

What drives you in your work as a booker?

I find a lot of satisfaction in overcoming challenges, especially when things get tough or complicated. Additionally, it’s a blessing to work in an industry where positivity is at the forefront. I draw energy from making our customers happy. Our team, our acts, and our clients all strive for one common goal: ensuring that the audience has an incredible time. Isn’t it just wonderful to be involved in that?

I also enjoy surrounding myself with musicians and creatives. It creates a perfect balance between the administrative mode and the creative. Marketing is also a creative aspect, by the way. It really gives me a thrill when we, as a booking agency, set goals for the upcoming year, such as certain gigs we want to land or concepts we want to introduce to the market, and then actually achieve them. I derive a tremendous amount of energy from that.

Where did the inspiration come from to establish Fyve Agency?

Vincent Kloos and I set up Fyve Agency together. We were both already part of a DJ act, he is the DJ of Sophisticated Live and I’m a vocalist with FloorJaxx Exclusive. We shared the passion and vision regarding the commercial exploitation of modern DJ acts.

Our philosophy is that you should ensure that everything surrounding the presentation of the act conveys the same message. So, the booking office too must have the right ambiance to support the character of the act.

For that reason, we wanted to establish an agency with a bold appearance that suits the offerings and the market. Additionally, we are both creative and love brainstorming on- and developing new concepts. Fyve Agency provides us with the perfect platform for this.

What were the challenges in starting Fyve Agency And what are the absolute highlights so far?

Entrepreneurship always brings challenges with it. An example of this is delays in building a website. But because we had decided to present Fyve Agency to the world, only when we felt everything was perfectly arranged, that didn’t pose any problems. We had time on our side, which allowed us to approach it thoroughly and develop our business philosophy in advance.

Booking agency Fyve Agency is still relatively young, but both of us have over 10 years of experience in booking. Thanks to this expertise, we know exactly what we want to achieve with Fyve Agency, and we have been able to celebrate some great milestones in a short period of time. For example, we launched all-female DJ act Loizy. When the entire process of conceptualizing the idea, finding the right people, and investing in the perfect visual and promotional materials ultimately leads to successfully selling the act, it brings tremendous satisfaction.

Another highlight of the past year was the exclusive collaboration we entered into with DJ duo Golden Hour. These are two celebrated DJs with an incredibly cool concept. These professional men are dream partners for what we stand for as an Agency; passion, innovation, and quality.

I put myself in the perspective of the clients; what are you looking for in their position?

Which specific services do you offer and how do you differentiate yourselves from other players in the market?

We deliver truly fresh, trendy, and edgy acts. With us it is: what you see is what you get! I can honestly say, we offer exceptional quality. Nowadays, you see many players in the market who think, ‘we just put a random DJ and saxophonist together, and we’re done; we have an act. But such formations cannot compare to the quality and allure of our acts. With us, everything is meticulously planned and designed. We carefully select musicians and artists based on their individual quality, charisma, and energy, but also the chemistry between them is incredibly important. Additionally, a great deal of attention is devoted to the look and feel of the acts. The repertoire for each act is also custom-developed.

At booking agency Fyve Agency, we can fully relieve our clients of any concerns. We not only book our own acts, but we can also book other artists, including internationally. This means that the client only has to communicate with one booking partner, which is efficient and organized. Additionally, it saves a lot on booking fees compared to working with multiple agencies. So if desired, we provide the full lineup and can also contribute to the marketing of an event. We also maintain close relationships with technical suppliers. That means clients can also leave that part to us. Additionally, we have been asked multiple times to provide artist, tour, and stage management during events. With our experience and expertise, that is a role that comes naturally to us and also provides enjoyment.

The target audience of Fyve Agency is who?

Booking agency Fyve Agency primarily focuses on festivals and corporate events. However, our acts are also available for private occasions. We book for festivals, corporate parties, international trips, incentives, weddings, and public events.

Thank you for reading part 1 of our interview with Floor Hansen. Stay tuned for the publication of part 2!

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