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‘De Sjieke Feesten’ – A dance extravaganza of DJ’s and DJ acts’.

From September 22 to 24, the Dutch town of Schiedam became the stage for the annual dance and party event: ‘Sjieke Feesten.’ With an adrenaline-pumping lineup over three days, Fyve Agency provided the finest in bands, DJ’s, and DJ acts to guarantee non-stop vibes. From the all-female DJ act Loizy to the -six years in a row- consistently featured Sophisticated Live. But also a mind-blowing set by Golden Hour, and multiple appearances by the amazing Gina Voca. Sjieke Feesten has once again proven to aim for gold and gold only.


Celebrating the kaleidoscope of musical diversity

With a meticulously crafted lineup, Fyve Agency brought the perfect mixture to entertain a wide range of music lovers. The great pop- and rock classics were represented in the highly energetic performances of Hard2Get, FloorJaxx Exclusive, and Golden Hour. But also the retro and new was combined in the sets of Mr. Belt & Wezel. And then deep and pounding beats and house were provided by Sophisticated Live


Behind the Scenes of the dance party

Fyve Agency has years of experience in creating the perfect lineup for a wide range of events and parties. It’s not just the quality of the individual acts that creates the perfect synergy of an unforgettable evening; it’s the bird’s-eye view that’s responsible for that well-integrated and unified quality of the perfect event. Fyve Agency also considers the logistical elements of the event, such as technical change-overs, interval music, and general technical production, including lighting, sound, set design, and special effects. We make sure we stay in the loop and connect seamlessly with every supplier, act and the venue for a well-coordinated event.

DJ acts in the Spotlight

After delivering a great performance last year, this year the all-female DJ act Loizy  took the stage during the Sunday afternoon lunch. But not only did they take the stage; they even took the tables. Shortly into their afternoon set, these three incredible ladies had the crowd standing on their seats and tables, dancing like it was a Saturday night. We love those unexpected and unrestrained party vibes.

Sophisticated Live performed on the opening night of the event. Since this was their sixth consecutive appearance at Sjieke Feesten, the audience knew they were in for an unforgettable DJ set with that unique Sophisticated Live signature. It’s hard to describe that captivating, electrifying quality these gentlemen bring to the stage. It’s charisma, unbridled passion, and friendship that makes these four guys turn every stage and every single party upside down.

‘It’s charisma, unbridled passion, and friendship that makes these four guys turn every stage and every single party upside down’.

Golden Hour signed with Fyve Agency a couple of months ago. We’re proud to have these two men on board. The combination of these two celebrated DJ’s is not just a doubling of experience and skills. It equals way more than that. Even though they could rely on the experience of their years of performing, they aimed higher with their ground-breaking party concept. It’s a 60-minute set that takes the audience on a captivating musical journey through the last four decades. They came, they saw, and they brought.. the roof down!

FloorJaxx Exclusive – the best of both worlds

This was the fourth time for FloorJaxx Exclusive to perform at the event. We’re so proud to represent such amazing and unique acts. Having them booked for the same event several years in a row is perhaps the biggest compliment possible. But we get it; FloorJaxx Exclusive is the best of both worlds. It has the pounding beats and live performances by incredible musicians, and then their riveting sets and musical repertoire, varying from pop and rock to house and dance. Is there anything better.

You should experience these DJ’s and DJ acts for yourself.

We could say a lot more about these incredible three days, but if you have the chance you should experience these DJ’s and DJ acts for yourself. Get in touch to find out more about what Fyve Agency can do for your event. Are you organizing an event and you’re looking for the best DJ’s and DJ acts? We got ya! Meanwhile, of course, we are already brooding on the perfect lineup for next year’s Sjieke Feesten. Thanks for reading and keep dancing!

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