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FloorJaxx Exclusive boeken bij Fyve Agency

The magic of DJ act ‘FloorJaxx Exclusive’

It all started with one ambitious female singer with a nose for opportunities and a talent for creating a seamless merge between presentation and musical quality. She herself loves energetic music styles with powerful beats and jaw-dropping performances, but she also loves the magic of live-performed music by high-quality, professional musicians. She went on a mission to combine these elements with flexibility and accessibility. And so DJ act ‘FloorJaxx Exclusive’ was born. With unforgettable and highly acclaimed performances all around the world, FloorJaxx Exclusive has by now conquered its place in the entertainment industry. But what exactly is that formula that is responsible for the success of this DJ act? We present to you the 5 key elements that make FloorJaxx Exclusive the number-one choice for every event.

Musical quality

FloorJaxx Exclusive stands for not only the best DJ’s but also the best musicians. All of the musicians on board with this DJ act are trained and celebrated professionals. Therefore musical quality and high-end live performance is guaranteed. These musicians and vocalists live for their musical craft. They demand the best from themselves and each other every time they enter that stage.

Show elements

FloorJaxx Exclusive has proven to know what it takes to transform every audience into an ecstatic and partying crowd. The DJ act knows how to include the audience in that magical vibe they create. They use their captivating musical choices and energetic and enthusiastic performances to do so. Both the vocalists and the musicians are true entertainers. Above all this, they understand the power of breathtaking stage lighting, the importance of sound quality and the great attraction of visual esthetics. Last but not least, they get the power and energy conveyed by their professional and vibrant dancing crew. All and all; they leave no opportunity unused to get the most out of their performances.

High-end presentation

FloorJaxx Exclusive breathes glamour and luxury. There’s a reason why FloorJaxx Exclusive is booked regularly for high-end, classy events in India, Abu Dhabi, Greece and many other high-end places. You want to make sure there’s chemistry between location, audience and musical entertainment. With FloorJaxx everything is guaranteed to fall in place. With their outfits meticulously adapted to the event and location, and their repertoire carefully composed for that specific event, you can be sure FloorJaxx Exclusive understands the passion and love for perfectly orchestrated events.

Contemporary & modern

FloorJaxx Exclusive’s repertoire is always up-to-date and modern. Because of the combination of a DJ with live musicians, it perfectly represents modern style music which is highly produced and beat-based. Therefore FloorJaxx Exclusive brings everything to the table; the golden oldies and today’s chart material.


Part of the amazing show quality of DJ act FloorJaxx Exclusive is their ability to move around on stage, and on some occasions even within the audience. The sax player, guitarist and percussionist are part of that incredible uplifting and energetic forefront. They contribute a large amount to the interactive quality of the concept. Another part of their flexibility lies in their repertoire. The DJ act’s repertoire is incredibly extensive and diverse and therefore easily adjusted to the wishes of the client, whether it’s a highly energetic or more laidback setting.

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FloorJaxx Exclusive is a unique DJ act with live guitar, percussion, sax & vocals.
This musical concept is created by- and exclusively bookable via Fyve Agency. More info at

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