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DJ duo Loudgarden boeken

Female DJ is taking over the DJ scene?

The popularity of female DJ’s has increased significantly in recent years. They have a growing influence in the electronic music scene and beyond. Here are some examples of why female disc jockeys are becoming increasingly popular and why a female DJ or DJ live act might also be the right choice for your event:

Increase in inclusion and diversity in the music scene

Society-wide, there is a movement going on where diversity and inclusion are in the spotlight. We can also see this development reflected in the music industry. Where the music scene, especially in dance music, was previously dominated by male artists and entrepreneurs, we now see an increasing number of women taking prominent positions in the charts and modern music. There is also more diversity visible in electronic music. By supporting the female DJ, the industry encourages greater diversity in talents and perspectives, allowing younger generations to see themselves more represented in all fields and role model positions.


Visibility and accessibility

Social media has changed the opportunities for artists drastically. Because of social media DJ’s, DJ acts, artists and so on can now connect with a fanbase much easier. Through platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and X (formerly Twitter), various talents, acts, artists and creators can share their work with the world independently, without the help of labels and major players in the industry. The former allows them to build a loyal fanbase and exert influence in the music industry.


Prestigious stages

Female DJ’s are increasingly being booked for large prestigious stages, festivals and events. Because of this a snowball effect occurs, because a good example encourages others to follow. Due to the exemplary role these women play, other women and new generations will be inspired to enter the field of electronic dance music.

Collaboration and recognition

Female DJ’s are often interested in collaborations and co-creation. This often leads to interesting and innovative music productions. Collaborations contribute to the increased influence and popularity of artists.

Unique styles and perspectives

Female DJ’s often bring unique styles and perspectives to the stage. This can enrich the music culture and appeal to a wide range of listeners.

DJ duo Loudgarden

Interested in booking a female DJ?

At Fyve Agency, we offer various female DJ acts. With pride, we present the formation Loizy, including live vocals and percussion. And an unforgettable evening is guaranteed with the energetic female DJ duo Loudgarden. For information, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

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