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Female DJ act Loizy; Interview with percussionist Danique.

F: First of all: when and why did you ladies form female DJ act Loizy?


D: I met MC Choral (MC/vocalist at Loizy) on quite a lot of occasions, since we were quite often booked at the same events and got to chat a little backstage. Then last year we were asked by Fyve Agency to perform together, and it was kind of like the Big Bang happening all over again on that very stage.

There’s this very effortless conjunction between us. While we are both highly energetic- and strong personalities and certainly have no trouble being the centre of attention, we work together so easily while performing. We love to share that spotlight and push one another to a higher level. Sure, we both have a lot of experience and worked with a great variety of musicians and performers, but this collab definitely brought something extra to that stage.

I worked with Shannon (DJ at Loizy) a number of times, and she’s one of the greatest female DJ’s I know. She senses what kind of tracks work for my instrument and really provides the perfect musical conditions for me to thrive in. Also Shannon performed at incredible stages like Mysteryland and Tomorrowland, she knows massive audiences and their needs like no other. Then Fyve Agency asked MC Choral and me if we wanted to be part of their new formation and they also reached out to Shannon. She was thrilled to get on board. And there you go, Loizy was born!


F: On a more personal level; why do you think the three of you are such a great match?


D: I think we really match one another’s energy. We’re quite alike as people; we’re not only very ambitious and serious about what we do musically, we are also real ‘go getters’, entrepreneurs, hard working and ambitious in general. Every single night, every single performance, we want to give it our all. It’s both passion and professionalism. We are there, on that stage, for the full 300%. And it’s our job to get that crowd completely mind-blown and ecstatic.

F: Great! But then, we have to ask… what’s the story with that djembé?


D: Haha, yeah it’s a bit unusual. I think I’m the only one in the Netherlands who carries a djembé around on stage, I even dance and run while carrying it! Hopefully, one day, little boys and girls will take djembé lessons because they wanna run around stages like Danique Kos, haha! For me it’s very natural though. I started playing djembé at the age of seven. At that time I was a big fan of the female act ‘Treble’. They performed on a TV show and right there I knew what I wanted to do with my life: “I just wanna hit that drum”!

“Right there I knew what I wanted to do with my life: I just wanna hit that drum!”

At the age of eleven I got private lessons at the Conservatory of The Hague and they taught me to wrap a strap around my back and hang the drum so I could play while standing. This turned out to be the birth of my unique selling point as a percussionist. I can bring dynamics tot a gig and stage, like no other. I even enter the dance-floor or jump on tables with that drum hanging around me. For years now, I can honestly say, there hasn’t been a single performance where I didn’t manage to get that crowd dancing. It’s and incredibly entertaining, and a very energizing addition to our Loizy formation.

F: Impressive! But isn’t that incredibly heavy?

D: (laughs really loud) Yes, it is! So I have to admit, guilt-fully, while for years I only played original African djembe’s, as a statement, I recently turned ‘industrial’. Those djembe’s are made of a synthetic substance, instead of wood, which makes them a lot less heavy. I did customize it though, with a more original skin to acquire the desired sound.

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F: I don’t think we can blame you ;-). To wrap it up, I know you have to hit the road again, what’s on the agenda for Loizy?

D: I really can’t wait to tour with the Loizy girls. Our agenda is filling up with amazing corporate gigs this winter, and festival sets in spring and summer. It’s going to be epic, I love to hang out with these power ladies, both on- and offstage. And then maybe later this year, I can schedule a trip to Brazil. I’d love to go there for inspiration. I went to Cuba a couple of years ago as well, to attend private lessons by a percussion legend: Changuito, he played with Michael Jackson for example. I’m always searching for inspiration and improvement, and just really love my job!

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Loizy is an unique female DJ act created by, and exclusively bookable via Fyve Agency.
Three powerhouse ladies take the stage and bring incomparable energy to every event. More info at

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