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Female power: meet LOIZY!

In the traditionally male-dominated world of electronic music, a revolution is underway. The rise of all-female DJ acts has breathed new life into the industry, challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers. These talented women are not just breaking into the scene; they are making waves and redefining the landscape of the electronic dance music scene. Their presence is a breath of fresh air. They bring diversity, innovation, and a powerful message of empowerment. Meet our exclusive, dynamic and unstoppable female DJ act Loizy!  Loizy radiates energy, passion and expertise. This combination of three femmes fatales is rapidly becoming an undeniable player in the housescene. The heart of this electrifying act is a seamless merging of the booming beats of Danique on percussion, the amazing DJ skills of Shannon and the fantastic vocals of Petra. Together, they create an explosive synergy that captivates audiences and elevates energy to maximum levels.


Percussion power

With a reputation for delivering high-energy performances that ignites crowds at parties and events around the globe, Danique is a force to be reckoned with. From DJ shows to dinner shows, musicals to TV appearances: she lives and breathes drums. This power woman brings her unparalleled passion and energy to every stage she graces. Danique is the life of the party with extraordinary sounds and heartbeats to every show. With her percussive instruments and great performance skills, she infuses this all female DJ act with an exquisite blend of her own.


Leading lady behind the decks

Female DJ and producer Shannon Delani has been working effortless to make a name within a very short time. This resulted in bookings on Mysteryland, Tomorrowland and a release on Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano’s SONO label. The international scene has also taken an interest in her talent, with a residency in the most famous club of Valencia and several gigs in iconic clubs in Ibiza. This leading lady behind the decks creates a magic musical journey that keeps the party going. With her passion and finesse, this female DJ is paving the way for more women to make their mark in the electronic dance music scene.


Vocal fire

MC Choral is the cherry on top. With her unique voice and perfect timing, she elevates every show to a higher level. Her powerful vocals and energizing shout-outs gets every audience moving. This lady knows exactly what she wants and how to achieve it. Her rich, powerful voice cuts through the beat, creating a vocal layer of fire and finesse on top. With a never-ending list of DJ’s she worked with, MC Choral brings an experienced, skilled and dynamic stagepresence that is simply unmatched.

In a world where female DJs are still underrepresented, Loizy is a true inspiration to aspiring women in the music industry. Their passion, talent, and hard work have proven that they are an unstoppable presence. As their influence continues to grow, they inspire generations of aspiring female artists to make their mark and shine on the global stage. The future of electronic music is bright, inclusive, and ready to be transformed by these fearless pioneers.


Livin' it up withwith LOIZYLOIZY DJ.VOCALS.PERCUSSION LOIZY Loizy: a female DJ act like no other! Loizy is a female DJ act that brings an unmatched level of energy and expertise to any event they play. Consisting of three experienced and accomplished women, this group combines DJ-ing, live vocals, and percussion [...]

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