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Embark on the musical odyssey of Bryan Dalton, a distinguished DJ and producer with over two decades of experience. Born in 1985, Bryan’s journey began when he picked up his first record at the age of 12, fueled by an unwavering passion for music and a myriad of influences. Nowadays, Bryan Dalton is a frequently booked DJ, bringing his signature beats to a great variety of events worldwide.

Early Beginnings: A DJ in the Making

With the luxury of a supportive father who owned a club, Bryan Dalton took his first steps into the professional DJ world. His early pursuits at this young age set the stage for a remarkable career, marked by sublime DJ sets that seamlessly match the quality of his prolific releases.

Bryan’s distinctive sound quickly gained recognition in the dance scene, earning him performances at clubs, events, and radio stations both nationally and internationally. His success in the studio didn’t go unnoticed, with endorsements from major (inter)national names like Fatboy Slim, Mark Knight, Kryder, and Gregor Salto.

Versatility in the Studio and on stage – Hit Releases and Collaborations

Bryan’s years of experience shine through with countless hit releases, showcasing his prowess as a producer. Beyond his solo success, he’s made significant contributions behind the scenes, collaborating on co-productions with major artists and delivering impressive remixes for the likes of Nicky Romero and Sander van Doorn.

Bryan’s commitment to his craft extends to his very own monthly radioshow, providing listeners with exclusive previews of his forthcoming releases and a curated selection of the best house tracks in the industry.

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